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Keys has been a leader of substance abuse prevention, education and treatment since 2007. Dr. Wilson and his staff understand the complexities and challenges of addiction, and have dedicated themselves to providing the best in modern, effective and compassionate care for each individual patient.

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"I refer the majority of my DWI/OWI clients in the St. Martin Parish area to Keys for alcohol/substance abuse evaluation and treatment. Dr. Wilson and his staff have been an integral part in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of my clients. I strongly recommend Keys as a support, service and referral organization, as the services Dr. Wilson and his staff provide are affordable and very beneficial to the people who are in need of such services."

Barry J. Sallinger

I would like to begin by congratulating all those who work in the day-to-day grind of the rehabilitation efforts and dedicate their time and energy to such a worthy cause. Dr. Wilson and his staff have provided an excellent outlet for us here at Probation and Parole for referral of our clients with both ordered conditions of supervision or discovered behavioral patterns of substance abuse directly affecting their success in supervision. Our most recent collaboration where we combined both our staffs in a conference setting to discuss mission, process and administrative issues in an attempt to develop and solidify the needs of both agencies and develop a referral system compatible to both Keys and Probation and Parole was very successful. With the implementation of the Re-Entry at all levels it has never been more important for us here at New Iberia District to develop a relationship with providers that culminate into affordable, successful treatment for our clients.



I experienced a lot of important things in this program. One thing I experienced in this program is many ways to occupy yourself rather than using drugs. Another thing I experienced while being in this program is that all the counselors are really trying their best to help you out with your problems. I also experienced many helpful techniques to use to have a more successful life. Keys taught me a lot while I'm in this program. Keys taught me how to keep my head up when I feel the urge to use drugs, they taught me how to use coping skills, and they taught me many other skills to help stay clean.



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