Assessment & Evaluation Services

Keys has developed several mental health programs that can be utilized in partnership with our proven substance abuse treatments. We strongly believe in helping our clients throughout their journey by providing a broad range of holistic and evidence-based approaches to lead them towards healthy, vibrant lives.

Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Assessment Services

The United States Department of Transportation has initiated new Substance Abuse Professional Guidelines that apply to over 7 million safety-sensitive transportation positions including school bus drivers, boat captains, tractor trailer drivers and airline pilots. According to the new regulations, any safety-sensitive individual who refuses a drug test, tests positive for a drug test, or has a breath alcohol concentration of .04 or higher will be immediately removed from duty and referred to a Substance Abuse Professional. Dr. Wilson is an approved Substance Abuse Professional provider and will gladly help all professionals move forward with their lives and careers.

Impaired Professional Treatment

Dr. Wilson and his team understand the challenges that professionals can face at work and at home. Dr. Wilson is an approved treatment provider by The Louisiana State Board of Nursing, The Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurses, and other state boards to offer assessments and treatments for impaired professionals.