Anger Management

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Keys has developed two unique anger management programs that can be utilized in partnership with our mental health service and our proven.  Learn more about our anger management programs below.

Half-Day Anger Management Training for Organizations
This half-day program has been uniquely created for companies and organizations in order to provide anger treatment and education to their employees. Typically this program is presented to groups of 20 to 25 employees. Keys incorporates cognitive-behavioral practices with interactive and introspective techniques including interactive journaling and spiritual development. The Gorski’s Relapse Prevention Model and the Twelve Step AA methods used in the program are effective, transformational, and supported by both the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice.
10 Hour Anger Management Course
Keys’ 10 hour Anger Management Course has been mindfully designed to teach participants about the complexities, sources, and manifestations of anger. Through individual and group facilitation, each participant will explore definitions of anger and how anger can corrode both one's behavior and thoughts. This course incorporates a wide range of introspective, collaborative and interactive techniques including small group discussion, independent readings and targeted journaling exercises. Participants benefit from this program by cultivating a deeper understanding of their particular anger style, while learning how to respond to their emotions in a healthy and responsible manner. Throughout the course, participants will gain a new awareness and support to change their life.